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Ambient Baby Songs: Help children grow healthier by listening to music app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 9280 ratings )
Music Education
Developer: Mihai Motroc
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 14 Mar 2016
App size: 23.77 Mb

Babies easily get stressed. They cry when they feel uncomfortable, such as hot, wet feeling, full diaper, itchy, when hungry, when thirsty, even when it is too quiet. That is why parents pay full attention to their babies and their needs all the time. When babies do not stop crying, the first thing parents do is to sing lullaby songs while checking what is wrong.

When sending babies to sleep, all parents do the same thing which is sing lullabies. They make sure that their babies will fall asleep fast and that they are comfortable in their bed position. Parents always want the best with their children, even when sleeping. That is why they sing to them, because babies feel more safe to sleep when they hear lullabies and relaxing music.

Features of the App

- This app offers its users to browse for numerous lullabies and baby songs! From traditional up to modern ones are available! Listen to traditional lullabies that you miss when you were young!
- All music and sounds are all in high quality which can make you and your babies enjoy more as you listen and relax. Your babies can easily pick new words from high definition sounds!
- Sleep log is also featured which can help you determine the correct hours of your babys sleep! This way you will never be troubled of thinking if your baby has able to get enough sleep.
- Educational songs such as the Alphabet song are also here! Babies can start learning the letters and numbers as soon as they can in a relaxing way which is bed time!
- Animal sounds are also available for your kids to listen! This can help them know all animals and what kind of sounds they make. They can also hear the sounds of animals in their sleep and play with them in their dreams!
- You can also set timers to automatically stop the music so that your sleep or work would not be interrupted just to turn it off.
- Enjoy all Christmas songs included in the list and feel the breeze of Christmas season even if its way ahead!